angellikesbutts said: YOU CROCHET TOO OH MAN THIS IS GR8 

 Phhh. Ya. I’ve known how to crochet for like… almost exactly 4 years. Learned in ‘08 when I lost my job and had no money for getting Christmas presents. So I was like. ugh. Then I watched a Christmas movie and at one part during the movie, they were saying stuff to the degree of,
"What means the most is things that come from the heart."

So that pretty much clicked an idea into my head and maybe I could make stuff for people. My ma at the time worked at Michaels and she gave me her discount. So I was able to pick up some yarn and needles, looked through my mom’s old needle crafting books & youtube and went at it.

In the end, I was able to give everyone that was close to me at the time hand-made gifts and they were really.. amazed that I would make something for them.. with my own hands.

So ya.. Thats my story about how I learned how to Crochet.. heh. ^__^;

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